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Candidate registration system

Registration for studies, especially if we do it the first time and in a foreign country, is not the easiest thing. UJ employees responsible for carrying out recruitment seem aware of this and do everything to help you with this process.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the most important pages so that you can easily waded through this stage:

The Jagiellonian University Online Application System - the official website of the Jagiellonian University where runs a substantial part of the recruitment.

What you can do there?

  • create an account
  • add substabtial infomaton about education path
  • receive information about qualifying or not
  • be informed what kind of paper documents you habe to deliver to JU

We invite you to read more!



Admissions at the Jagiellonian University  - in one place were collected all information that may be needed to the young people thinking over the choice of studies:

- information about studies with Polish and non-Polish as language of lecture 

- tuition and fees

- recruitment path 

- the advantages and capabilities of studying at JU 

- information helpful for foreigners

We invite you to read more!


fot. A. Wojnar, F. Radwański