We are delighted to have you among our students who want to specialize in Central and Eastern Europe, one of the key regions in the world's past and presence. And if you want to do it at the oldest and one the best Polish university you couldn't have chosen better. Jagiellonian University placed in the very heart of Cracow (Poland) has become top educational institution in the region and widely recognized place to study and to do research - home for thousands of Polish and foreign students and scholars, creating a unique community of creativity, passion and knowledge: where youth works with experience hand by hand. I strongly believe that the education and experience you will gain while studying with us will make a vital contribution to your chosen career. Our team - academics from various disciplines from Poland as well as foreign scholars - has strongly cooperated with us to make CEES one of the top  programme that combines knowledge of different disciplines within humanities and social science (history, anthropology, cultural and area studies, sociology, political sciences) to help students understand the complexity of today's world and translate theory into practice. There are several good reasons for choosing our programme, but I have no doubts that if you are a person seeking for excellence, experience diversity, acquire significant intellectual and practical skills and build lifelong connections and friendships your decision is simple. We are looking forward to seeing you ASAP... and don't forget that our studies are free of charge and start in October 2017 - preceded by Autumn Ouside Krakow School.


Tomasz Pudłocki

Director of CEES

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