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Marek Pawlak, Ph.D.

Marek Pawlak (PhD) is an anthropologist and assistant professor at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology JU. As a researcher, he also closely collaborates with Centre for Migration Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and Jagiellonian Centre for Migration Studies. In his research, he focuses chiefly on migration, crises, emotions and affects. In recent years, he has been conducting a multisited fieldwork on crisis-driven experiences in Iceland and cultural contexts of care in Norway.

2007: MA in anthropology, University of Wrocław
2012: PhD in anthropology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań


Research grants

  • Polish migrants in Iceland. Mobile and immobile strategies of response to aftermath of economic crisis (2015-2019); National Science Centre; PI: Marek Pawlak
  • Migration for welfare: nurses within three regimes of immigration and integration into the Norwegian welfare state (2016-2020); Research Council of Norway; PI: Marie Louise Seeberg
  • Mobile lives, immobile realms. Female migration between Poland and Norway (2015-2019); PI: Izabella Main
  • Between transnational mobility and locality. High-skilled migrants in local communities of Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone (2014-2019); PI: Krzysztof Jaskułowski
  • Cultural Complexity in the New Norway (2009); Research Council of Norway; PI: Thomas Hylland Eriksen


Selected publications

  • M. Pawlak (2018) Zawstydzona tożsamość. Emocje, ideologie i władza w życiu polskich migrantów w Norwegii, Kraków: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego
  • M.B. Erdal, M. Pawlak (2017) “Reproducing, transforming and contesting gender relations and identities through migration and transnational ties”, Gender, Place & Culture 25(6): 882–898. DOI: 10.1080/0966369X.2017.1372378
  • E.M. Goździak, M. Pawlak (2016) “Theorizing Polish Migration across Europe: Perspectives, Concepts, and Methodologies.” Sprawy Narodowościowe. Seria Nowa, nr 48, s. 106–127. DOI: 10.11649/sn.2016.007
  • K. Jaskułowski, M. Pawlak (2016) “Główne teorie migracji międzynarodowej: przegląd, krytyka, perspektywy.” Sprawy Narodowościowe. Seria Nowa 48: s. 128–146. DOI: 10.11649/sn.2016.008
  • M. Pawlak (2016) „Zaufanie, wzajemność, nieufność. Mobilna pragmatyka życia polskich migrantów w Norwegii.” Studia migracyjne – Przegląd Polonijny 2: 51–66.
  • M. Pawlak (2015) Othering the Self? National Identity and Social Class in Mobile Lives between Poland and Norway, [w:] M. Buchowski, H. Červinková, Z. Uherek (red.), Rethinking Ethnography in Central Europe, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 23–40.
  • M. Pawlak (2015) “Recognizing the National Identity. Cultural Intimacy and the Polish Migration to Norway.” Prace Etnograficzne 3(43): 241–258.