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Gellért Marton, Ph.D.

Gellért Ernő Marton, MA, Junior Research Assistant in the MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) – University of Szeged Research Group of the Ottoman Age, Szeged (Hungary). His scientific interests cover the Ottoman–Habsburg peace treaties of the 16th–18th century, as well as the history of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Principality of Transylvania, included their relationship, and the comparison of the Hungarian Haiduks and the Cossacks living on the Ukrainian territories. He has teaching assignments at the Institute of History at the University of Szeged. The topics are covering numerous fields such as the history of Transylvania, Hungary and the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and their complex relationship. His latest publication (with his colleagues) was: BRANDL G. – GÖNCÖL Cs. – JUHÁSZ K. – MARTON G. E. – SZABADOS J.: Kommunikáció és híráramlás az 1627. évi szőnyi békekötés alkalmával a Habsburg oldal tárgyalási stratégiájának tükrében. (Communication and correspondence during the peace-treaty of Szőny (1627) in light of the strategies of the Habsburgs.) Aetas (33. évf.) 2018/4. 108–124. Member of Gyula Kristó Foundation’s Board of Trustees. He has earned grants like: National Scholarship of the Republic of Hungary (2010-2011), Hungarian–Polish Bilateral State Scholarship (2018/2019). Privately he likes belles-lettres, classical music, travelling and football.