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Dariusz Zdziech, Ph.D.

Dariusz Zdziech, PhD, A historian, his research focuses on Australia and Oceania Region and Polish Oral History in 19/20th Century. He specializes in: migration of Poles to the Antipodes, international relations in the Pacific region, national history and tourism of the Pacific countries. The founder and the long-standing president of the Australia, New Zealand and Oceania Research Association. An Office and Policy Assistant of the New Zealand Embassy in years 2011-2014. Kiribati Expert to the Polish Ministry of the Environment 2013. The president of Poland helps Poland Foundation. 2017-2018 an Assistant Professor at the Institute of the Middle and Far East Institute, Jagiellonian University, Krakow (Poland). Privately he likes folk and instrumental music, travelling, cooking, scale model making and football.